Our First Press Conference & Mini Show-Case

On 26th September, 2017 we introduced Star Asia Connect to the Press, Public and Talent in Bali with our first ever Press Conference & Mini Show-Case.

Despite the fact that we had some real competition with the Journalists because the President of Indonesia was in Bali on the very same night and of course they needed to be there with him in Nusa Dua.

The Mt Agung Volcano was threatening to erupt and a number of Press of course were covering that.

Still we were fortunate enough to have a few journalists truly interested in what we are doing here at Star Asia Connect for our Talent and our Hirers attend our Launch.

Everyone at the Press Conference and mini Show-case had a wonderful night.

We were proud to have a few of our fabulous talents perform on the night : 

Nick Wallaki - Guitarist/Didgeridoo player, Songwriter & Bilingual Singer
Richard Simorangkir - Keyboard/Pianist and Singer
Aan Nugros - Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter
Krisna Patra - Guuitarist/Flautist/Singer/Songwriter
Brianna Simorangkir - Singer/Songwriter/Actress & Photo Model
Kim Patra - Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter

We even had a couple of surprise Musicians turn up and sing for us :

Adi - Bass Player of The fabulous Hydrant Band 
Jrx - Drummer & Songwriter for Bali's Punk Rock Band 'Superman is Dea'
And fabulous Jazz Vocalist Rizcha (Vauline Rizcha).

We will be publishing some press releases on our FB Page and/or Blog so you have even more information but for now here are a couple : 

Pica Magz



Hope you enjoy this update and, whether you are Talent, A Hirer, Event Organizer or individual looking for entertainment for any particular or special event, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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