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The notice board is to be used for ‘special’ or ‘spectacular’ opportunities and will most often list opportunities which require a big ‘talent search’ for very specific purpose.  It may be a TV show, a Film, a Recording opportunity, Backing opportunity or a Live Production.

Hirers and Casting Agencies are required to pay a fee to list such an opportunity on the Notice Board.

The Notice Board is only visible to registered members of Star Asia Connect.

Type of Listing Price* 
7 Days 


10 Days


Sample Of Listing

Auditions for DJ for New Years Eve Gig in Gili T  

5 Hour set from 9pm - 2am

Auditions in Bali at Hard Rock Hotel
Monday 23rd November 2017
Walk in only. 
More Info at



You need to sign up here in order to list on the notice board. 

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