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We have 3 categories of membership within the Star Asia Connect Community and they are : 

Talent Membership – See Fees Here
Talent Membership includes group memberships from Performing Arts Schools

Hirer Membership – Free Of Charge Registration ALWAYS – See the details here
Available to any professional hirer registered with Star Asia Connect

Notice Board  – See Fees Here
Available for our professional hirers to advertise specific roles, courses and other special opportunities to our community of Artists and Performers


Talent – Your basic profile name, age, date of birth, nationality and country of residence is available to the general public and anyone viewing our site however, all other data including your particular talent, BIO etc. is only visible by registered hirers.

Star Asia Connect was designed for adults however, we will accept membership for Artists & Performers under 18 years of age if registered through a school of the arts.

Exceptions may be made under 'special circumstances' however Management of Star Asia Connect reserves the right to make the final decision on such applications.

See the details here

No, we never get involved in negotiations between our Artists and Hirers.

Star Asia Connect assists Hirers and Talent to find each other through our site. 

Once you have connected however, you are personally responsible for all negotiations and any terms and conditions you may agree to with the Hirer. 


All negotiations between our Artists and Hirers are direct and not via Star Asia Connect.

You will need to ensure that your negotiations with the hirer or potential hirer include clear information about who is responsible to cover costs and that would include such things as transport, airfares, visa fees, work permits , accommodation and even taxes.   

If you are not 100% certain about the costs involved with working in another country and 100% certain all those costs are all covered, we recommend you do not travel. 


It would normally be the responsibility of the overseas Hirer to ensure the Artist is fully aware of the Visa and/or Work Permit requirements for taking on a role in another country.

The Hirer will generally be responsible for organizing visas and work permits if they are needed.

When negotiating the Terms and Conditions of your agreement/contract you must personally make sure this important matter is clearly covered and included.

We do not recommend you travel to a country and work unless the matter of Visa and Work Permits is clarified and taken care of.

We recommend you do not ever work 'illegally' in another country.

No, Star Asia Connect does not and never will, take any fees except for your monthly registration fees. 

You will always negotiate your own contract agreements, terms and conditions with the Hirer and all the money they pay to you is yours to keep.

You are responsible however, for ensuring you are fully aware of any 'tax' responsibilities related to your work and you are responsible for paying the appropriate taxes to the Tax authorities in a timely manner.

If you need assistance or guidance about the taxes we suggest you include any questions about Tax as part of your contract negotiations with the Hirer.

Talent - Absolutely none……pay your membership fees and that’s it.

Note: There is a small fee associated with paying your membership fees.  Those fees are not charged by Star Asia Connect and do not come to Star Asia Connect but are collected by the 'Payment Gateway' service.

Hirers – Absolutely none……you negotiate directly with the talent and pay them directly the full amount agreed.

You do not have to login to know that a Hirer is interested in offering you a job.
If a Hirer finds you on the site and wants to communicate with you about a possible job they will click on an email button located on your profile page which connects directly to your email address and write directly to you from there.  

Only registered Hirers can see the Bio pages of our Talent Community........you will not see jobs unless they are specifically advertised on our 'Community Notice Board' page and this is usually for special show or performance work rather than a standard/regular contract. 

The Hirers will email you directly from our page if they are interested in negotiating with you to perform for them.

We are not positive you will get jobs and we do not make any guarantees or promises. 

The more information you put on the site about your particular talents and performances the more interesting you will be to Hirers. 

If you join our 'Talent Community' Hirers can find you by searching a name, a genre, location etc. and you have a good chance of being seen & found.

Basically membership of our 'Talent Community' offers a very inexpensive way for you to present/advertise yourselves in a professional way to hirers

If you are not a member of the community then our hirers may never get to know about you.

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