The Easiest Ways To Increase Your Fan Base!

02 October 2017

Fans are just as important to you as water is to fish. To grow as a singer, musician or band, you need people that will consistently buy your music, attend your shows, share your contents and support you even on your worst days.

They say an artist needs at least a thousand true fans to build and maintain a sustainable music career, but getting that first handful of die-hard fans that will start the momentum is where the difficulty lies.  

We have studied dozens of artists who grew their fan base exponentially over a short period and fortunately we found out some great ways to get more fans for your music. It just boils down to your level of commitment and finding the perfect balance of tactics that work best for your music business strategy.

Below are some of the important tips you need;



We are in the digital age, and owning a website is vital to relating and communicating with your growing fan base. Buy a domain name and get a website with built in social media widgets like Twitter, Facebook  Instagram, sound cloud, etc.; it will make it a lot easier for your fans to find your new releases, learn about your upcoming shows and get to know you more personally.

An online platform that will significantly increase your visibility to both fans and industry stakeholders is Asia Star connect; an artist promotion platform that connects artists with people that may need their particular services.


Out of sight is out of mind, so you must be as visible as possible to your fans. You should create a consistent stream of contents such as music videos, phone recorded snippet of tours, recording sessions and personal moments. You can also post covers of songs that you like or bands that you are similar to, drawing more attention to your brand.



Guess what? Everyone loves free stuff!

Reward your fans sharing your social media posts and interacting with you online. These freebies can be as simple as a free ticket to an exclusive show or a free download of your latest song.  If you can get your existing fans to share the giveaway with their friends and followers, you’re likely to attract more fans in the process.


Reaching out to big stars is not as easy as it sounds because birds of the same feather flock together, and top musicians do not necessarily go out of their way to relate with upcoming artists. However, you can try going to networking events or industry meet ups and meet up with people that can help promote you. Relationships are everything in the music business, and a single tweet from an influencer with a huge social media following can be a game changer for your career.



No other aspect of your whole career is as important as your music itself. If your songs are anything less than breath taking, you are going to find it somewhat difficult attracting real fans. You need to invest just as much energy in building up your song writing and delivery skills; because If you are consistently putting out amazing music, then your audience will quickly turn into die-hard fans and in turn, promote you to their friends and followers.  

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