talent coordination

Star Asia Connect was designed for easy communications between Talent and Hirers and this remains unchanged.  All you need to do is click on the ‘orange’ envelope next to the email address you’ll see after opening ‘full profile’ of any Talent in our community and you’ll be emailing directly with the talent of your choice.

Some Hirers prefer to have the professional team at Star Asia Connect do all the communicating, negotiating and payment handling on their behalf instead of them contacting our Talent directly.

We are happy to do this when requested and hand over to the Hirer only after all arrangements for the hire have been settled.

So, if you like, please choose our optional 'co-ordination service' and allow us to act upon your behalf and make all necessary arrangements the Artist(s) you wish to hire.

This service is available for every type of Talent and every type of booking; from a one night gig for an individual Talent or Group to long term gigs for individuals or groups of Talent and of course, for special shows, performances and concerts.

Our Co-Ordination charges are extremely reasonable but they do depend on the size and the type of booking so, we will quote based on each individual request.


We also offer a professional 'Booking Agent' Service.

More and more we are being asked by organizations putting on a show in Indonesia to help book Artists or Talent on their behalf. 

This is often an International Artist or big name National Artist and not necessarily a part of the Star Asia Connect ‘Talent’ Community.

Our many contacts in the music industry both within Indonesia and Overseas puts us in an excellent position to be able to assist with these requests.

Our reputation for being professional, honest and completely reliable, as well as our ability to communication in an efficient and effective manner on behalf of the ‘Hirer’ and ‘Talent’ puts us in the perfect position negotiate on your behalf to help book the talent you are wanting to include in your show. 

If you are putting on a show and would like our help to procure an International or National artist to be a part of your line-up, let us know and we’ll be very happy to act on your behalf and make it happen for you.

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