show production

If you are Talent or a Hirer wanting to put on a show here in Indonesia, Star Asia Connect can help you to make it happen.

Our Show Production services may include any or all of the following :

  • Sourcing and organizing the appropriate venue for required date and time
  • Organizing appropriate time and date for the sound setup and sound check
  • Setup the running order of the show
  • Arrange for support band or act if required
  • Sourcing and organizing staging, lighting, sound systems if not provided by the venue, including Backline for a band and ensuring technical rider requirements are met
  • Organizing the incidentals such as hotels and transportation
  • Helping to get the word out about the show via local press and radio, put up posters if required and budget allows, email our mailing list, add
  • Providing publicity via our own SAC resources including our website and Social Media
  • We may even help look for sponsors if we feel it’s the type of show we could do that for and if it is required by the performers/musicians or their agents.
  • Providing a ticket sales service via our website and social media page
  • In brief our ‘Show Production Services’ ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Contact us now if you are interested in engaging the Star Asia Connect Professionals to organize a show for you or your Artists.

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