What is Star Asia Connect Consulting?
Star Asia Connect Consulting are highly experienced and respected event producers. 
The dynamic force behind Star Asia Connect Special Events,  have created and managed some of spectacular, memorable and successful events here in Bali and overseas for 25 years.
Star Asia Connect Consulting offers our expertize and knowledge to Performers, Producers, Hirers, Individuals and Organizations to guide them through the complexities of creating successful self-managed events.

Why use a consultant?
Many self-managed events fail to fully meet their objectives for a variety of reasons.
‘Event management’ is the brother of ‘show business’.  The stakes can be high and is not without risk. For every blockbuster movie there are literally hundreds of box-office failures.
The planning of any event needs far more than just a floor-plan and a menu selection.  Every event has a purpose and represents a significant investment in time, money and often, also reputation.  To be successful the event must have a structured plan and process.
Truly, only an experienced event producer knows and understands the complexities and secrets to organizing and producing a successful event.

What are the complexities?
Whether an event will be attended by 10 people or 10,000, they all have a range of issues that if not addressed, can cause the event to fall short of expectations. Being aware of the pitfalls and creating a detailed plan will ensure success.
Some of the key questions to be asked and answered include : 
• What are the event’s objectives?
• How do you create a comprehensive plan?
• Who will be responsible for each element?
• How do you create a budget?
• Who underwrites the event?
And these are just some of the questions to ask before the event is given the go ahead.
Once the green light has been given, even more issues have to be considered like ;
*Not all of these are relevant for all events but are given as an idea of all the elements we like to discuss and consider with you in the planning process.
• How will the event be designed?
• What venue will be recommended at why? 
• How can we keep it within budget?
• What caterers will be recommended and why?*
• How will the event be marketed?*
• What are the security arrangements?*
• Who will look after all the different sub-contractors?
• What talent will you be recommending and how will you manage them?
• Putting it all together – what will actually happen on the day of the event?
These are just some of the questions that an event producer must ask.
What are the answers
With our 25 years of experience organizing events, the team of Star Asia Connect are ideally suited to guide you through the minefield of managing and creating a fabulous, successful event.  Our comprehensive and methodical approach will ensure you develop the right plan; the plan that best meets all of your key objectives.

Our services also include guidance and leadership on:
• Pre-event evaluation and analysis
• Design and structure of the event framework
• Budgeting
• The most appropriate suppliers, venues and subcontractors
• Management structure to deliver the event
• Staffing
• What to do in-house and what to out source
• Payment schedules
• Interactive opportunities
• Post-event evaluation

Producing a successful event poses many questions. But they can all be replaced with just one simple question: Why wouldn’t I use Star Asia Connect Consulting?

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