artist visas

All non-Indonesian nationals wishing to perform in Indonesia must hold a valid Visa and Permit to do so legally – even if the performance is only for one night or one show. 

Obtaining this document can be rather complicated and at times confusing.  There are very few companies who hold the license to apply for and process Artist/Performance visas and we have partnered with the best and most professional of these services to arrange visas for our overseas Talent and visiting Performers..

Indonesian Artists performing overseas also need to ensure they have the correct visas to do so legally and our professional visa partners will take care of this for our Talent who are travelling outside of Indonesia to perform.

There are of course fees applicable for the Visas and for the Visa Organizing services. 

The fees vary based on the duration of the stay/performance period and the country concerned.  

Such fees should be covered by the Venue or Show Organizers over and above performance fees.

Applicable charges will be quoted once we know all the details of the requirements

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