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Hi! my name Richard, I'm a professional musician as Pianist for 20 years. I would like to share my experience to all musician friends, recently I found the best entertainment agent in Bali, name is "Star Asia Connect".
This company is very professional do their jobs and all can be arrange quickly according to your job, once StarAsiaConnect had nego with hotels or fine restaurants who looking for entertainment there is almost 100% done.
Recently I've got a new job as Pianist in one of legendary restaurant in Ubud from StarAsiaConnect, and I'm very happy for that, I've got a good salary and of course service complimentary from the place.
Friends..if you looking for a good job as musicians or artist I suggest you join soon as possible as a member of "StarAsiaConnect", and I can guarantee you that you'll find a good job in the near future.  Star Asia Connect very recommended to all of you who searching good job as musician/artist.


As a local musician based in Bali, I've started to use the services provided by SAC early this year, and it has been fantastic! It's linked me to many opportunities for both regular gigs and private events in villas. 
It has increased my work by about 30% and since Ive been apart of SAC, ive gotten at least 6-8 gigs through this service. Its great!
The staff are amazing and professional. consistent and communicative. very helpful and wonderful. 
I would definitely recommend this service to any performer or artist whos looking for more opportunities and work.
Krisna Floop

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