About Us

Star Asia Connect has been created and is managed by a small group of people, both Indonesian and Western, based in Bali Indonesia, who have been involved for a great many years in the music & entertainment industry here.

Our experience is two-sided since our management team includes professional singers/songwriters, music producers & performers and, at the same time, we have constantly engaged all sorts talent over almost three decades, to perform or provide their unique talents at various events we’ve been responsible for, on behalf of both local and international guests visiting from overseas.

Singers, Dancers, Bands, Mc’s, DJ’s, Poets, Rappers, Magicians, Set-Designers & Decorators, Hair & Makeup Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Catwalk Models, Sound Technicians, Fireworks experts and many more have been hired by us hundreds and hundreds of times over almost 30 years.

Every year new talent arrives or emerges - it's continual BUT, how do we and anyone else ever know about them?  If they don't think to email us and introduce themselves we have no way of knowing they even exist.

If we don't know about them, we would never be in a position to consider hiring them.

Our management team has also developed strong connections with many amazing talents from outside of Asia over the past decade.  We work regularly with singers, songwriters, record producers, record labels, talent management and publishers from USA, Europe and Australia. 

Our first hand experience in constantly needing talents of a particular type for our own guests and, looking for work for our own talented artists as well, has made us realize the need for a platform where the talent, and those needing that talent can come together and can connect.

Asia is a region which offers massive amounts of talent and an enormous number of opportunities for that talent to be exposed, whether on TV, Radio, Live shows or at regular gigs in hotels and restaurants, clubs or one-off gigs for special events or festivals etc.

Asian nations are good friends and have many similarities and common traits but each also have their own ‘uniqueness’ and we believe that exchanges of talent across the region should be encouraged and embraced.

It is our mission to help this happen and that is the reason we have created Star Asia Connect.

Join us now, get connected and put your talent to work at last !

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